-Music Website 4U (hereinafter called “the seller”) will provide support to the buyer for all Website Packages (and Addons) only for the duration until website completion and delivery of the purchased service(s).
-After the complete website has been delivered to the buyer and full payment has been received by the seller, ALL responsibility lies with the buyer to maintain, backup and update their website and the seller cannot be held responsible for ANY issues that may arise afterwards, such as loss of data, service interruptions or service discontinuation/stoppage.


Lifetime Hosting
-By purchasing our “Lifetime Hosting” addon you understand that the hosting service is provided by a 3rd party company and if you encounter any hosting issues you will have to ask the 3rd party hosting provider for support and NOT the seller.
-The term “Lifetime” refers to and is dependent on the lifetime of the 3rd party company and/or service and no guarantee can be made as to how long the service will actually last.
-In the event of service interruptions or service discontinuation/stoppage by a 3rd party hosting provider, the seller takes no responsibility or liability for any loss of data, website down time, loss of revenue, hosting transfer or repairs of any kind.


-In the event that the buyer wants to request additional website updates, additions or modifications after delivery of the initially agreed service(s), the seller will charge an additional fee that will depend on the amount of work and time required for each project or task, upon agreement by both parties.